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Vedalam Video Songs 1080p Vs 4k

Vedalam Video Songs 1080p vs 4k

Vedalam is a 2015 Tamil action film starring Ajith Kumar, Shruti Haasan, Lakshmi Menon, and Soori. The film was directed by Siva and had music composed by Anirudh Ravichander. The film was a blockbuster hit and received positive reviews from critics and audiences alike. One of the highlights of the film was its soundtrack, which featured five songs and a theme music. The songs were released on YouTube by Sony Music South VEVO and have garnered millions of views. But what is the difference between watching these songs in 1080p and 4k resolutions? And which one should you choose for the best viewing experience? Let's find out.

What are 1080p and 4k resolutions?

1080p and 4k are terms that refer to the resolution of the display. Resolution is the number of pixels that make up an image. Pixels are tiny dots of color that form the picture on the screen. The more pixels there are, the sharper and clearer the image will be. 1080p has 1920 horizontal pixels and 1080 vertical pixels, resulting in a total of over 2 million pixels. 4k has 3840 horizontal pixels and 2160 vertical pixels, resulting in a total of over 8 million pixels. That means that 4k has four times as many pixels as 1080p, which you can see in the table below.

Vedalam Video Songs 1080p Vs 4k


Horizontal Pixels

Vertical Pixels

Total Pixels

Marketing Names




2 million+

Full HD, FHD




8 million+

2160p, Ultra HD, UHD

What are the benefits of 4k over 1080p?

The main benefit of watching videos in 4k over 1080p is the increased level of detail and sharpness. With four times as many pixels, you can see more fine details and textures that may be lost or blurred in lower resolutions. This can enhance the visual appeal and realism of the scenes, especially for action-packed sequences or scenic landscapes. Another benefit of 4k is the improved color and contrast performance. With more pixels, 4k TVs can achieve more dynamic colors and contrast, including deeper blacks and brighter whites. This can make the images more vivid and lifelike, as well as reveal more details in dark or bright areas. Technologies like OLED and HDR can further enhance the color and contrast quality of 4k TVs, but they are not exclusive to 4k resolution.

What are the drawbacks of 4k over 1080p?

The main drawback of watching videos in 4k over 1080p is the limited availability and compatibility of content and devices. Not all videos are available in 4k resolution, especially older or less popular ones. Even if they are, you may need a fast internet connection to stream them without buffering or quality loss. You may also need to upgrade your devices to support 4k resolution, such as your Blu-ray player, gaming console, or HDMI cable. Another drawback of 4k is the screen size requirement. To fully appreciate the difference between 4k and 1080p, you need a large screen size, usually at least 50 inches or more. Otherwise, the pixel density may be too high for your eyes to notice any difference at a normal viewing distance. A smaller screen size may also negate some of the benefits of color and contrast performance.

Which resolution should you choose for Vedalam video songs?

The answer to this question depends on your personal preference, budget, and viewing setup. If you have a large screen size (50 inches or more), a fast internet connection, and compatible devices, you may want to choose 4k resolution for Vedalam video songs. You will be able to enjoy the songs in their full glory, with more detail, sharpness, color, and contrast. You will also be future-proofing your TV for more 4k content that may come in the future. However, if you have a smaller screen size (40 inches or less), a slow internet connection, or incompatible devices, you may want to stick with 1080p resolution for Vedalam video songs. You will still be able to enjoy the songs in high quality, without any noticeable difference or compromise. You will also save some money and hassle on upgrading your devices or internet plan.


Vedalam video songs are available in both 1080p and 4k resolutions on YouTube. The choice between them depends on various factors, such as screen size, internet speed, device compatibility, and personal preference. 4k resolution offers more detail, sharpness, color, and contrast, but it requires a large screen size, a fast internet connection, and compatible devices. 1080p resolution offers high quality, but it may not show any difference or improvement on smaller screens or slower connections. Ultimately, the best resolution for you is the one that suits your needs and expectations.


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