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[FSX P3D] FTX EU LDDU Dubrovnik Airport 1.00 Crack Free

we have different variants of terrain generation: water, ground, air, and snow. actually, in these unique add-ons, is important to be well and wisely supervised by the pilots, especially on the first encounters with the scenery. do not be shy to try this airport, and soon, you will understand why it is so popular and why you should add this airport to your list!

[FSX P3D] FTX EU LDDU Dubrovnik Airport 1.00 Crack

this airport is stunning and challenging, and perhaps the most beautiful aeronautical scenery that flight simulator will have for long. the add-on is well worth the purchase, and you can only understand why!

this aeronautical scenery has been developed in partnership with schubau in germany, and you can clearly see its roots in the architecture of the airport. actually, i believe that the german expertise was an important input for this airport. but the real innovation comes from the texture work, and from the artificial intelligence of the airport, including the artificial wind. it is a very complete airport that should be added to the checklist.

it is located in an ideal position, just in front of the adriatic sea, and in a well-preserved and extended area. the airport covers an area of 860 hectares. there are no airports in the vicinity, but this one is in front of the vrsarje airport in zagreb. as we have mentioned before, this airport is really a challenge because of its topography, and the pilot will find it difficult to land in the appropriate position.

the add-on comes in the framework of aerosofts latest airport scenery 'hauptstadion'. it is a very well-done and complete airport, and it will fit into the simulator with a very natural and satisfying feeling. and remember that the add-on will be completed soon!

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