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Fake GPS Location Pro Apk V2.5 Rout Go [Latest]

How to fake location on iphone or Android? There are many fake GPS location apps that you can use on both your Android and iOS-based device. These apps will let you use a custom location as the GPS location on your phone. The following are some of the best fake location apps for you. Scroll down and work it out!

Fake GPS Location Pro Apk v2.5 Rout Go [Latest]

How to fake location on iphone? When it comes customizing iOS-based devices, you are often asked to jailbreak your device. Luckily, you do not need to do that to fake the GPS location on your iPhone or iPad when using iAnyGo.

iTools is not just a fake location app for Pokemon Go but it is much more than that. It is actually a suite of tools that you can use to perform various tasks on your iOS-based devices. With this app on your computer, you can easily transfer files between your devices, recover your data, and even change the GPS location.

GPS JoyStick has been around for some time and it helps you fake your GPS location on your Android-based devices. This fake gps app does not require you to root your phone and you can change the location with a few easy taps in the app.

If you love using a VPN on your phone, you are going to love using the VPNa app on your device. This is a fake location app Android that works like a VPN and helps you systematically change the location of your Android device. When you do this, your phone and everything on it will believe you are in your specified location.

Fake GPS Run makes the apps on your phone believe you are traveling and are in a different location but you are not even moving an inch away from your bed. The app helps set a new GPS location with two taps and that is all pretty much there to fake your GPS location.

Whether you are looking for a fake location iPhone app free or you want an app for Android, the above guide will definitely help you out. And if you want to spoof location on iPhone, Tenorshare iAnyGo is highly recommended. Then the question of how to fake location on iphone will no longer be existed anymore.

Note that this app won't work with Pokémon Go, so if this is the reason you want to spoof your location, you should try a different app. If you only want to fake your location to fool services in another geographical zone, though, it will work a charm.

Regularly updated and free to use (with a premium version available), GPS Emulator is a great option for a wide variety of activities where you need to fake your location. Searching for that elusive dino-DNA in Jurassic World Alive? Then GPS Emulator will help you complete those Hybrid challenges in no time.

The control system should be very familiar to you as well. The app behaves like Google Maps, so (for example) pressing and holding your thumb or finger on the map will drop a location pin. From here you can drop others and link them up, then set your app off to fake your GPS location!

Mock locations app (fake GPS path) enables you to fake info about the location of your device by the network operator and GPS. It is easy to use as you just need to navigate the route on the map and hit the Go. This will then enable all the location-based apps on your smartphone to pick the fake location. Besides faking a location, the app does a lot more other things.

Considering mock locations app limitations such as limited free trial period, looking for its alternatives seems understandable. Whether you want an alternative for mock location app for Pokemon Go, dating app, or any location-based app, below five alternative GPS fake apps are recommended to spoof or fake your location.

With VPNa, you can fake your device location and teleport anywhere in the world, be it London, New York or Rome you select. In order to use it, there is no need to root the device. All you need to do is to select your desired location and hit Start. But, of course, you have to enable mock location settings on your Android device to spoof your location using VPNa.

Looking for the alternative for a fake GPS mock location? You can also try the Fake GPS Run. With the help of it, you can teleport your device anywhere in the world. There is no need to root the Android device, but of course, you have to enable mock location settings on your device. But, if you want a fake location without enabling mock location settings, rooting the device is required. Not to mention, it works on any Android device, be it Samsung, Huawei, or Xiaomi.

We now have Tasker support with teleporting to a location, starting a route, or stopping the joystick!Teleport1. Create a new task and add an Action - Misc - Send Intent2. Set Action to theappninjas.gpsjoystick.TELEPORT3. Enter Extra: lat: your-latitude-value ex. lat: 37.80954. Enter Extra: lng: your-longitude-value ex. lng: -122.41015. (Optional) Enter Extra: alt: your-altitude-value ex. alt: 10.46. Set Target to ServiceRoute1. Create a new task and add an Action - Misc - Send Intent2. Set Action to theappninjas.gpsjoystick.ROUTE3. Enter Extra: name: your-route-name4. Set Target to ServiceStop1. Create a new task and add an Action - Misc - Send Intent2. Set Action to theappninjas.gpsjoystick.STOP3. Set Target to Service

We now have ADB Shell support with teleporting to a location, starting a route, or stopping the joystick!TeleportAndroid Oreo & above (altitude is optional):adb shell am start-foreground-service -a theappninjas.gpsjoystick.TELEPORT --ef lat your-latitude-value --ef lng your-longitude-value --ef alt your-altitude-valueOlder Android versions (altitude is optional):adb shell am startservice -a theappninjas.gpsjoystick.TELEPORT --ef lat your-latitude-value --ef lng your-longitude-value --ef alt your-altitude-valueRouteAndroid Oreo & above:adb shell am start-foreground-service -a theappninjas.gpsjoystick.ROUTE --es name \"your-route-name\"Older Android versions:adb shell am startservice -a theappninjas.gpsjoystick.ROUTE --es name \"your-route-name\"StopAndroid Oreo & above:adb shell am start-foreground-service -a theappninjas.gpsjoystick.STOPOlder Android versions:adb shell am startservice -a theappninjas.gpsjoystick.STOPExamplesadb shell am start-foreground-service -a theappninjas.gpsjoystick.TELEPORT --ef lat 37.8095 --ef lng -122.4101adb shell am startservice -a theappninjas.gpsjoystick.TELEPORT --ef lat 37.8095 --ef lng -122.4101 --ef alt 10.2adb shell am start-foreground-service -a theappninjas.gpsjoystick.ROUTE --es name \"My Awesome Route\"adb shell am startservice -a theappninjas.gpsjoystick.STOP

There are two types of customized route planning methods provided by Tenorshare. This feature is a perfect one for location-based games. Now, you could play the game from the comfort of your home because you can easily configure single-spot and multi-spot routes.

iToolab AnyGo is an easy-to-use location changer that enables you to change the GPS location to anywhere in the world without jailbreak in just 1 click and simulate location with natural speed and customized route easily. It works well in location-based AR games and social media.

If you have gotten some popular game GPX route from your friends, you can easily import featured GPX route files and follow the route on AnyGo. You are free to create and name your favorite location and route and collect all the records in your Favorites box for next use.

iToolab AnyGo does not limit to one or two devices, changing multiple device locations simultaneously is an exclusive feature of AnyGo, it means you can use different devices to play location-based games or other apps and fake your locations at the same time.

You can select certain specific routes with two or more spots. You could customize everything from the walking speed to the pause movements with the help of this software. No app would be able to make out that you are using a location changer because the movements will look completely natural.

MockGo by Foneazy allows you to simulate a natural movement on the planned route without lagging issues. This makes it pretty easy for you to play your favorite location-based games like Mobile Legends, Pokemon Go, and others without moving from your house. Now, you only need to make a single click for changing your GPS location.

By sitting at a particular location, you can easily find a perfect date for yourself, even from a different country. The software allows you to spoof your location on dating apps and sites. You can even surprise your friends by sending some fake virtual location on different social media platforms, even if you are sitting at your home.

Doing it the easy way has given you a new location, change and use it as proof if you want to avoid certain events. It can be said that for location spoofing software, no other application can give you the best utilities like Joystick & Routes Go. Easy to use and always gives you certain utilities, this can be the best fake mode application.

Want to fake GPS on Huawei for protecting your privacy? Or want to capture more pokemons for passing Pokemon Go? Anyway, you will need to enable Huawei mock location. After you fake GPS on Huawei, you can enjoy playing AR games and other apps without location limitations.

Want to use mock location on Huawei P20 Pro securely? Then you can pay attention to this Location Changer. It supports you to alter GPS location on Huawei to anywhere around the world. It is helpful for Huawei P20 Pro Pokemon Go spoofing location without restriction. Of course, it can also help you fake GPS on social platforms. It even allows you to plan a route on the map.

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