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Footprints On The Moon(1975)

Well.. That description is of course accurate from Alice`s point of view, but on the other hand shes obviously going insane and suffers from a split personality. The interesting thing with this movie is that we see almost everything from her point of view and therefore have to interpret what is really happening to her. What REALLY happens at the end of the movie is up to the viewer I guess. Maybe shes taken away by doctors or police after murdering Harry or maybe what we see is just happening in her sick mind.There is a pretty good analysis of the film at the end of this review: -of-footprints-on-moon.html

Footprints on the Moon(1975)

I think the (almost) last shot is important. It shows the footprints in the sand (and Footprints is the title of the film, which would also suggest this is important). It's hard to work out how many footprints there are but it certainly doesn't seem to be that of a woman plus two astronauts in heavy boots either side, it looks quite likely that it's only one person (plus maybe a pogo stick) staggering a bit. They also look like they might be walking into the sea. Also, when we first see the astronauts on the beach there's a second where they aren't there and then they appear out of thin air. All of this says to me that she is indeed nuts and it's all in her mind. There's also the message at the end saying that she was sent to a mental hospital, but this seems a little heavy handed and I wouldn't be surprised if it was added on at the insistence of a producer. And I agree with you that the people in the spaceship are from some film or programme that she's got confused with her real life; she seems to have forgotten some genuine occurrences and added some fake ones. And she says that Harry isn't Harry, but we see his necklace confirming that he is indeed Harry, so we shouldn't consider her opinions about things to be reliable.

July 20, 1969 -- History is made. Apollo 11, the spacecraft carrying astronauts Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins, reaches the moon (a lunar module is released, carrying two of the men for a landing). Armstrong (of Wapakoneta, Ohio) and Aldrin walk on the moon, leaving an American flag and a plaque -- plus their footprints -- on the moon's surface. Armstrong's timeless words, "That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind," are broadcast around the world. 041b061a72

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