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Objective Physics by Mahesh Jain PDF: The Best Book for IIT-JEE, AIEEE, AIIMS, AIPMT and More

Objective Physics by Mahesh Jain PDF Download

If you are looking for a book that can help you prepare for the medical and engineering entrance examinations of all Indian universities and institutes, then you might want to check out Objective Physics by Mahesh Jain. This book is written by a renowned author and teacher who has more than 25 years of experience in teaching physics. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about this book, its features, and how to download it in PDF format.

objective physics by mahesh jain pdf download


Physics is one of the most important subjects for students who aspire to pursue a career in science, engineering, or medicine. It is also one of the most challenging subjects that requires a lot of conceptual understanding, problem-solving skills, and practice. To ace the physics section of any entrance exam, you need a book that can provide you with a clear and concise explanation of the topics, along with plenty of questions and examples to test your knowledge and application.

What is Objective Physics?

Objective Physics is a book that aims to help students master the fundamentals of physics and prepare for various competitive exams. It covers the entire syllabus of class 11th and 12th physics as prescribed by the CBSE and other state boards. It also follows the latest pattern and guidelines of the IIT-JEE, AIEEE, AIIMS, AIPMT, and other exams.

Who is Mahesh Jain?

Mahesh Jain is the author of Objective Physics. He is a well-known physics teacher who has been teaching physics for more than 25 years. He has also authored several other books on physics, such as S. Chand's Objective Physics for IIT-JEE, AIEEE, AIIMS, AIPMT; S. Chand's Problems in Physics; S. Chand's Numerical Problems in Physics; etc. He has a vast experience in coaching students for various entrance exams and helping them achieve their goals.

Why should you read Objective Physics by Mahesh Jain?

Objective Physics by Mahesh Jain is a book that can help you improve your physics concepts and skills in a systematic and effective way. Here are some reasons why you should read this book:

  • It covers all the topics of physics in a simple and lucid language.

  • It provides a detailed theory with diagrams, graphs, tables, and formulas for easy understanding.

  • It includes multiple choice questions (MCQs) with solutions at the end of each chapter to test your comprehension and retention.

  • It also contains solved numericals and illustrations to enhance your problem-solving ability and application.

  • It is useful for various entrance exams such as IIT-JEE, AIEEE, AIIMS, AIPMT, etc., as it follows the latest pattern and syllabus.

  • It is written by an experienced and qualified author who knows the needs and expectations of the students.

Features of Objective Physics by Mahesh Jain PDF

Objective Physics by Mahesh Jain PDF is a digital version of the book that you can download on your computer or mobile device. It has some advantages over the printed book, such as: