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DriveBox: A rFactor Mod for Initial D Fans

If you are a fan of the popular anime and manga series Initial D, you might have heard of DriveBox, a rFactor mod that recreates the thrilling races and drifts from the show. DriveBox is a project by a group of modders who wanted to bring the ultimate Initial D experience to rFactor, a realistic racing simulator for PC.

DriveBox features all the cars, tracks, and characters from Initial D, as well as some original content inspired by the series. You can race against the AI or other players online, and enjoy the authentic sounds, physics, and graphics of the mod. DriveBox also includes a career mode, where you can follow the story of Takumi Fujiwara, the main protagonist of Initial D, and challenge the best drivers from different teams and regions.


What is Project D?

Project D is a sub-mod of DriveBox that focuses on the fourth and fifth stages of Initial D, where Takumi and his friends join a professional racing team called Project D. Project D aims to conquer every racing course in Japan, and faces many rivals along the way. Project D adds new cars, tracks, and events to DriveBox, as well as some improvements and fixes.

What is Ultimate Stage Pack?

Ultimate Stage Pack is another sub-mod of DriveBox that adds more content and features to the mod. Ultimate Stage Pack includes all the stages from Initial D, from the first to the final stage, as well as some extra stages from other sources. Ultimate Stage Pack also adds more customization options, such as body kits, decals, and engine swaps. Ultimate Stage Pack is compatible with both DriveBox and Project D, and enhances the gameplay and immersion of the mod.

What is dnahack?

dnahack is a tool that allows you to modify the files of DriveBox, Project D, and Ultimate Stage Pack. dnahack lets you change various aspects of the mod, such as car performance, track layout, weather conditions, and AI behavior. dnahack is useful for creating your own scenarios, challenges, and experiments with the mod. dnahack is not an official part of DriveBox, Project D, or Ultimate Stage Pack, and should be used with caution.

How to download and install DriveBoxrFactorModProjectDInitialDUltimateStagePackdnahack?

To download and install DriveBoxrFactorModProjectDInitialDUltimateStagePackdnahack, you need to follow these steps:

  • Download rFactor from its official website or Steam. rFactor is a paid game that requires a valid license key to play.

  • Download DriveBox from its official website or SoundCloud. DriveBox is a free mod that requires rFactor to run.

  • Download Project D from its official website or SoundCloud. Project D is a free sub-mod that requires DriveBox to run.

  • Download Ultimate Stage Pack from its official website or SoundCloud. Ultimate Stage Pack is a free sub-mod that requires DriveBox and Project D to run.

  • Download dnahack from its official website or SoundCloud. dnahack is a free tool that can modify DriveBox, Project D, and Ultimate Stage Pack.

  • Extract all the downloaded files to your rFactor folder. Make sure to overwrite any existing files if prompted.

  • Run rFactor.exe and select DriveBox as your mod. You can also select Project D or Ultimate Stage Pack as your sub-mods.

  • Enjoy DriveBoxrFactorModProjectDInitialDUltimateStagePackdnahack!












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